Tuesday, April 1, 2014

UPDATED: Barihunk Theo Hoffman transitioning to Theodora Hofflein


Big news from one our favorite barihunks. Theo Hoffman has announced to his family, friends and the opera world that he is in the midst of sex reassignment surgery.

Hoffman has been working with coaches on a fach change to mezzo soprano, focusing on the coloratura mezzo repertory. The opera world has been incredibly supportive and it has been announced that she’ll be making her debut in Rossini’s La Cenerentola at a major U.S. opera festival in 2015. Hoffman was originally slated to sing the role of Dandini, which will now be sung by Wes Mason. The opera will be directed by Peter Kazaras.

Hoffman is asking people to begin referring to her as Theodora Hofflein.

Hoffman is not the first entertainer to have sex reassignment surgery. Both Alexis Arquette and Chaz Bono made headlines with their transitions in recent years.

UPDATE (April 2, 2014):


  1. Aw, I thought it was real and I was so happy for him! Am disappoint.