Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reader Submission: Andrei Venczel

Andrei Venczel
We'll admit that 30-year old Romanian Andrei Venczel isn't the usual candidate for Barihunks. He bills himself as a baritone/countertenor and we're not quite sure how serious he is about pursuing a professional career...but, oh, that BODY. We took one look at his pictures and figured he was worth bending the rules for.

He currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark where he's been studying with Danish soprano Nina Bols Lundgren. His interest in singing began with Romanian folk music from Banat region.

Andrei Venczel
Venczel, who also has a degree in Child Psychology, has performed throughout his native Romania, Hungary, Germany and Denmark. He has specialized in medieval and baroque music, as well as  lieder and Romanian folk music. He's also a gifted pianist who won second prize at the Carl Filtsch International Festival-Competition for Pianists and Composers.

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