Sunday, January 7, 2018

Mathias Hausmann in controversial Tannhäuser in Leipzig

Mathias Hausmann in Tannhäuser
Mathias Hausmann will be featured as Wolfram in Oper Leipzig's Tannhäuser, which opens on March 17 and runs through May 27.  The remainder of the cast includes Elisabet Strid as Elisabeth, Kathrin Göring as Venus, Burkhard Fritz as Tannhäuser and Patrick Vogel as Walther.

A scene from Calixto Bieito's Tannhäuser in Ghent
The production has been mired in a bit of controversy and confusion, as it was originally scheduled to be directed by Katharina Wagner, a descendant of the composer. The opera company announced that due to  “logistical challenges,” it will now be directed by the provocative Spaniard Calixto Bieito. Bieito's interpretation of Wagner's Tannhäuser premiered at the Vlaamse Opera in Ghent in 2015.

Katharina Wagner will return to Leipzig for Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin in November 2020.

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  1. Oh, for F**k's sake, Calixto Bieito should be banned from every opera house and any theatre that has an ounce of good sense. The man only showcases himself; he certainly cares nothing for opera as a concept or in individual productions. He cares, as far as I can see, about Calixto Bieito and nothing else. And *still* idiotic theatre managers hire this decaying piece of tripe. And, now, I think I shall stop before I become even more outre than this site allows.