Friday, June 27, 2008

Barihunk Promotes Dallas Opera

[Photos from top to bottom: Michael Todd Simpson in Figaro promotion, Simpson head shot, Daniel Okulitch, and two pictures of Paolo Pecchioli]

To hell with "Remember the Alamo." The new battle cry in Texas is "Remember to get your tickets to the Dallas Opera!"

The Dallas Opera ( is promoting their new season by using barihunk regular Michael Todd Simpson in a flaming pink banner with flaming pink flip flops. If that doesn't grab your attention then you're as blind as Archibaldo in Montemezzi's "L'amore dei tre Re." As if having the sultry Simpson stalk the stage weren't enough, they've added barihunk Daniel Okulitch to the cast. Normally, Figaro isn't as barihunky as Don Giovanni, but the open shirt on the ad may portend some skin in this production.

If Mozart isn't your cup of tea, Rossini specialist Paolo Pecchioli will be singing in L'Italiani in Algeri opposite hunkentenor William Burden. As a footnote to all of you hunkentenor lovers, Stephen Costello will be singing in their production of Roberto Devereux.

So, if you want beefcake this season, head to the heart of Texas.


  1. Maybe Laura and George can kick back at the Dallas Opera in their retirement. Of course, if we tell the President that there are Algerians in Italy, he may want to bomb them!

  2. I always heard that Dallas was HOT!

  3. Daniel Okulitch... CHECK OUT "THE FLY" OPERA PICS- he's totally naked!!!

    AMAZING! Someone should post those photos up...