Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paulo Szot is an out gay man

Barihunk readers should be reminded that we noticed barihunk Paulo Szot long before he took Broadway by storm. It's nice to see the world catching up. Here is the text from the blog

Here's some great news for theater lovers, supporters of LGBT visibility, and anyone with a weakness for a hot Brazilian gay hunk with a body carved from marble and a voice that could melt glass:

Gorgeous and talented Paulo Szot, who last week won the Best Actor in a Musical Tony for his performance in South Pacific, is an out gay man.

There had been some speculation about Szot (who was rumored to be openly gay in his native Brazil, where he is a celebrated opera singer), but not much was known about him in the States before he took the stage in Pacific. And of course the sight of him and sound of his pipes set tongues wagging and Internet speculation afire the day after the Awards. We contacted his publicist and were told that yes, he is gay, and we're welcome to say as much.

It is of course wonderful to have yet another openly gay actor winning the Best Actor trophy (last year, newly-out David Hyde Pierce took the prize in an upset win over bisexual actor Raul Esparza), a trend that we hope to see continue ... especially in stereotype-breaking, traditionally masculine roles like the one Szot plays in South Pacific. And folks hoping to snag Szot for themselves, you might be out of luck, as the handsome man who accompanied him is rumored to be the "Eduardo" that he thanked in his acceptance speech, and he may be spoken for.

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