Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mariusz Kwiecien IS the Elixir of Love

Here is a shot of the Hot Pole Mariusz Kwiecien in an updated production of the Elixir of Love. I believe that this production is from Amsterdam.


  1. Apparently, there is no Don't ask Don't Tell policy in this army.

  2. Too bad he shaved his chest...

  3. "Too bad he shaved his chest..."

    In real life? (please don't tell me he shaved his chest!) Because I've seen this video and it's there :)

  4. Yes, he's hot; yes, he's charming; yes, he's Polish.

    But why does he sing so badly? He used to have a lovely leggiero baritone, and then he would scream on top. Listen to the wobble here. He'd fall off a bike in Krakow in the rain. (I'd pick him up, and administer first aid, but it wouldn't help the singing.)

    He thinks he's Robert Merrill. He thinks if he yells louder he'll BECOME Robert Merrill. He isn't, and he won't be - and these bad habits (which none of his friends seem willing to point out to him) are destroying a lovely voice and once-stylish phrasing.

    Someone has to kick him in the groin or something to get him to stop singing for a few months and STUDY at the very beginning again. Or a life teaching in Poznan lies before him.

  5. Brightshadow -- his teacher's baritones all sound like that. That's all I'll say here. Do some research and you'll discover more about that technique.