Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shoo Fly!

I flew to Los Angeles to see (and hear) Daniel Okulitch in Howard Shore's "The Fly." Unfortunately, it failed to live up to the buzz. Daniel Okulitch, fortunately, kept his barihunk credentials in tact, but it was about the only redeeming thing about this opera.

Perhaps the reviewer from the Orange County Register summed it up most succinctly:

Let's not mince words. That's always the best way. Just rip the bandage off quickly. Howard Shore's "The Fly," which was given its U.S. premiere Sunday afternoon courtesy of Los Angeles Opera, is the worst opera I've ever seen.


  1. What a clunker. Sat through opening day and was BORED even with the nudity and special effects. This should have NEVER been performed on a major opera stage.

  2. I saw this piece of crap, too. Worse than Ishtar!!!

  3. *Really*? I saw it and had a blast---great performances from the leads and the whole evening was compelling. Not a fan of the music, but the night on the whole was a blast. Seems like people are bitterly divided on this piece.