Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two Bohemian Barihunks in Portland

[Back row: Gus Andreassen (Colline), Michael Todd Simpson (Marcello) Front row: Arturo Chacon-Cruz (Rodolfo), Kelly Kaduce (Mimì), Alyson Cambridge (Musetta), Jose Rubio (Schaunard) Photo by Julia Sheridan]

The Portland Opera's "La Boheme" is opening on September 25 and features two barihunks. Michael Todd Simpson, who is a regular on this site, will be singing Marcello. Simpson has proven that he can make any role hot and lit our fire with a recent performance of Escamillo in Carmen.

We're admittedly not familiar with Jose Rubio, but he looks like a certifiable Barihunks candidate from this photo. Let us know what you think.

By the way, if you haven't heard Kelly Kaduce sing yet, she's worth the trip alone. Even at her young age, she's sung riveting performances of both Salome and Madama Butterfly. If we were in her shoes, we'd run off with Marcello in this production.

Tickets and performance information can be found HERE.

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  1. Jose Rubio is one man-tastic Barihunk. Certified chub in my pants.

  2. Jose Rubio should be definitely be a certified Barihunk! After getting to know him, I gotta tell you, the man is FINE! And if he sings "Sabor a mi" for you, your life will change!

  3. Love me some Jose Rubio...Yes to being a barihunk and YES to being able to sing his face.

  4. I have had an opportunity to hug Jose Rubio, and have had the gift of hearing him sing many times. OH my yes - a Barihunk

  5. Jose is def Barihunk.... sigh

  6. Jose is a definite barihunk. Actually, Kelly's performance thus far is disappointing. Really inconsistent, out of tune throughout, the unison C with Mr. Cruz in the Act I duet is frightful with her consistently a half step sharp and him consistently a half step flat. They may look the part, but unfortunately look better than they sing.