Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Okulitch at Museum of Sex

By PlaybillArts Staff
October 26, 2009

In anticipation of its forthcoming production of the Mozart classic, New York City Opera will host an Oct. 27 event exploring the legend behind Don Giovanni. The 7 PM presentation will be held at the Museum of Sex in Manhattan.


New York City Opera's own Don Juan (bass-baritone Daniel Okulitch) in its new production of Don Giovanni, director Christopher Alden, and Esther Perel, a prominent sexologist, join us for an intimate, provocative exchange on the Don Juan legend, including a live excerpt from Don Giovanni, and film and audio clips and slides.

The evening will explore history versus myth, the Don's changing image, how Mozart's Don Juan relates to the composer's own lusty sexuality, City Opera's new interpretation, and Don Juan in the 21st century.


Christopher Alden, director
Daniel Okulitch, bass-baritone
Esther Perel, couple therapist, author of Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence
Liora Maurer, pianist
Moderator: Cori Ellison, City Opera Dramaturg

Tickets are $10. The Museum of Sex is located at 233 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Call 212-689-6337 x115 or visit



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  1. Check out Opera Chic. She has a clip from NYCO Don Giovanni, behind the scenes.

  2. Looks very interesting. I'm seeing it on Sunday 11/8. Can't wait!

  3. Saw it yesterday. The best part were the three barihunks in various stages of undress. Production was very disappointing. The women were very good too, as was the tenor.

  4. I should have said, the best part WAS the three barihunks, etc . . .

  5. lets hope there are some pictures about!! or can you describe how undressed the guys are?

  6. Ah Peter33 . . .

    Masetto (Kelly Markgraf--an excellent singer) strips down to his white a-shirt and his black knickers (literal, not underwear)during Batti, batti. He takes his shoes and socks off and rolls around on the floor with Zerlina. The rest of the opera he is dressed thus, but with the addition of a vest. Nice calves.

    During the opening of Act 2, Daniel Okulitch comes out in a suit jacket and Jason Henry as Leporello comes out only in the pants. During that scene, Daniel Okulitch strips off the jacket to reveal abbreviated boxer briefs (black). Then Jason Henry undoes the trousers, which drop to the floor, to reveal the same abbreviated black boxer briefs. Daniel O crawls along the floor on this stomach and then pulls the trousers off Leporello's feet. He then puts on the pants and Leporello puts on the jacket for nearly the rest of the opera. It should have been reversed because Jason Henry has a beautifully formed chest and "just" nice legs, where as Daniel Okulitch has the longest, most beautiful legs and only a "just nice" chest.

    The singing was actually very, very good, though there was weird ornamentations to all of the arias which I'd never heard before and I didn't think they necessarily improved things. The conducting wasn't too great with strange tempi and he never seemed to be with the singers (when 6 out of the 7 priciples aren't with the conductor, I begin to think it's the conductor's fault).

    Gregory Turay gave a nuanced, beautifully sung (blah, blah, blah) Ottavio. He kept his clothes on the whole time.

    The production COULD have (and should have) worked but didn't. There were moments of greatness, though, but they were few and far between.

    Anyway, I hope I didn't disappoint . . .

  7. Thank you for all the luscious details. It seems there was certainly plenty to please the eye, so I am glad there were some compensations! If you have an Ottavio who can sing both arias beautifully, then such a Don Giovanni is always worth attending!

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