Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Sexy Don From the Hot Pole

It doesn't matter who directs Mariusz Kwiecien in Don Giovanni, he still manages to ooze sex. At the Bavarian State Opera German director Stephan Kimmig splatters him in blood, shaves his head, throws a cheap blond wig on him and even surrounds him by butchered pigs, but the Hot Pole still seethes with his usual sensuality. His counterpart, once again, is barihunk Alex Esposito.

He remains the most interesting actor among male singers in operas. Kwiecien and Esposito works incredibly well together on stage, so even if you don't like the production, the acting is outstanding.

For more information about the production, visit the Bavarian State Opera website.


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  1. No, I don't like the production. It looks like Kimmig was having a competition with Calixto Bieto's Liceu 2008 gorefest. What it has to do with Don Giovanni is beyond me. Perhaps some of these stage directors could use a visit from the Commendatore.
    That said, Mariusz is still a favorite, and his acting is even better in the true Mozart productions.
    Thanks for the post and the pictures.

  2. Personally i find Alex Esposito more sexy and hunk than Mr. Kwiecien....but this is just a question of taste!!!:) Kiss,

  3. Okay you Esposito fan, skip to 3:00 or there abouts for a treat:

    (I'll still take Kwiecien, even in gold lame and bloodied)

  4. Lets hope this is filmed - great views of Alex and Mariusz (how revealing are the gold pants!) but also Pavol Breslik being depantsed too - another hunkentenor

  5. I had trouble viewing the video from the Bavarian State Opera link. Parterre Box has the video on their site - very easy to watch. Also parsifal's blog has an audio link, complete with all the booing for the regie.