Sunday, November 29, 2009

Los Angeles Times: "Opera Barihunks Hit A Muscular Tone"

[Nathan Gunn in Billy Budd]

[Matthew Worth]

[Tom Forde]

Kudos to the Los Angeles Times for Irene Lacher's wonderful article on Nathan Gunn and the rising popularity of barihunks. Two of our favorite young singers, Matthew Worth and Tom Forde, were featured, as well.

Forde will be performing the title role in Mozart's the Marriage of Figaro at the Tacoma Opera on March 5 & 7.

Matthew Worth has been receiving acclaim for both his voice and his good looks. Here are two recent reviews.

Ted Mahne wrote in the New Orleans Times-Picayune: "Matthew Worth offered a particular highlight as Mercutio. He gave an agile and pleasing rendering of the tricky 'Queen Mab' aria. A striking performer, watch for his star to rise."

Jerry Floyd wrote in Opera about Worth's performance in "The Rape of Lucretia" at Castleton: "A trio of barihunks proved that well-trained, carefully directed younger singers can deliver polished, high-quality portrayals; especially Worth, whose wrathful Etruscan character seemed intuitively to sense the consequences of his assault on Lucretia."

Oddly, Worth's management site doesn't have his schedule.

Since the L.A. Times raised the issue of barihunks, here are a few more of our favorites:

[The super sexy Randal Turner, who we're hoping to see in the U.S. soon]

[Exotic Wes Mason, who will be starring in "Before Night Falls" in Ft. Worth]

[Kelly Markgraf will be in Omaha singing Count Almaviva]

[Adrian Kramer sporting his guns]



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  1. Damn, they're all hot as a summer night in Knoxville!!! Why doesn't Randal Turner sing in the U.S. Did he not pay his taxes or does some opera company in EuroTrash have him under an exclusive contract? I'd love to see that body bouncing across the Met stage.

  2. Kramer is a real kutie! And a good singer and actor.

  3. "Exotic" Wes Mason is not only eye candy - he's actually superfriendly and down-to-earth - as well as the possessor of a magnificent baritone voice. The same could be said about other AVA barihunks featured on this site. There are also two AVA barihunks not yet featured here: Alex Lawrence and Steven LaBrie.

  4. Of the last three young ones - Mason, Kramer, and Markgraf - Kramer's voice is the most beautiful, Markgraf's body is the most beautiful (his career is really starting to move this year!), and Mason ... he is superfriendly, and looks even better with his new short haircut.

  5. I bet you all the girls have this page bookmarked.