Monday, November 9, 2009

A SEXY Don Giovanni at New York City Opera

If this is the look of the George Steel era at New York City Opera then we at Barihunks heartily approve. There was a lot of controversy and discussion about his hiring, particularly amongst opera aficionados on the East Coast. From what we heard from people who had worked with him, we knew all along that he would make the "People's Opera" interesting and he's lived up to his reputation.

[Jason Hardy as Leporello and Daniel Okulitch as Don Giovanni; Photo by © Carol Rosegg]

[Joélle Harvey as Zerlina and Kelly Markgraf as Masetto; Photo by © Carol Rosegg]

Here is how City Opera described this new production:

Visionary director Christopher Alden reimagines this masterwork in a thrilling new production which explores the intersection of dark eroticism and strict Spanish-Catholic tradition in the early 20th century. Rising star Daniel Okulitch makes his City Opera debut as the notorious antihero.

[Jason Hardy as Leporello, Keri Alkema as Donna Elvira, Kelly Markgraf as Masetto, Joélle Harvey as Zerlina, Gregory Turay as Don Ottavio and Stefania Dovhan as Donna Anna; Photo by © Carol Rosegg]

[Jason Hardy as Leporello; Photo by © Carol Rosegg]

[Daniel Okulitch as Don Giovanni; Photo by © Carol Rosegg]

Don Giovanni provides a lot of material for this site and we're grateful for some wonderful new images from NYCO. For more information visit the New York City Opera website. The production runs through November 22nd.

[Clockwise: Kelly Markgraf as Masetto, Gregory Turay as Don Ottavio, Keri Alkema as Donna Elvira, Stefania Dovhan as Donna Anna, Daniel Okulitch as Don Giovanni (center), Jason Hardy as Leporello and Joélle Harvey as Zerlina; Photo by © Carol Rosegg]

It is important the New York City has two major opera companies and this production shows why. City Opera will put on productions that one will never see at the Met. If you're in the New York, we encourage you to support this new regime which is working its way back to financial viability.



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  1. Wonderful pictures to complement the excellent descriptions sent yesterday by Anonymous! Thank you

  2. And Anonymous just realized that he/she/it referred to Jason HARDY by the incorrect name.

    If the non-sex movements were less stylized and the characters interacted more where they were supposed to (they tended to interact when certain characters were even supposed to be in the scene) the production would have worked somewhat better. The characters rarely exited the stage and it got to the point when I wanted them to just leave!

    I like modern settings (the Munich Don G with Kwiecien looks REALLY interesting! Plus he is a favorite of mine. THE favorite really) so I really like the basic concept but not most of the conceits, if you know what I mean.

  3. Send me an e-mail anonymous! Daniel and Mariusz without pants in one month is almost too much.

  4. Great pics, but Daniel O. has already let it all hang out, so I wonder what's with the shirt? Maybe he doesn't want to be typecast as a baritone on the fly?

  5. Saw the final performance this afternoon: well-sung with an energetic, youthful cast. Glad to see City Opera is on it's way back!