Saturday, September 18, 2010

Go See Daniel Okulitch in Nozze (or tell your friends in L.A.)

Opera's Proud Barihunk - Daniel Okulitch
The Daniel "I'm too sexy for my shirt" Okulitch media lovefest is continuing with an article in Ontario's Kingston Whig Standard. The sexy Canadian's interview with the L.A. Times went viral on the internet and on opera blogs before being picked up by the Canadian press.

Okulitch takes a refreshing approach to his sexiness being used for marketing and attracting younger audiences. His frank talk about nudity and traveling with a whip is refreshing in opera's often staid and stuffy world.

Therefore, we are going to use this opportunity to remind readers that he's appearing at the Los Angeles Opera in the Marriage of Figaro opening on September 26th. The production also features fellow barihunk Bo Skovhus and we hope that this production helps resurrect the L.A. Opera's reputation after a critically panned Ring Cycle. The opera company deserves to be supported and the casting in the Marriage of Figaro should be reason enough for any opera lover to run out and buy tickets.

By the way, as measured by "hits" on this site, Okulitch continues to be our most popular barihunk. We salute him and wish him well in Los Angeles.

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  1. The LA Ring was in fact not critically panned. Most of the reviews were quite good. Look at the Opera Critic website and you will see that 75% of the reviews were quite complimentary. Many patrons expecting a tradition Ring were upset. I saw the last cycle and some of the performances were sold out and the director was loudly cheered when he came out to bow at the end of the cycle.

  2. I have to disagree with Silverlake Jim. I attended the Ring and there were empty seats everywhere and tickets were selling for as little as $25. That tells me that the critics that matters the most, the ticket buyers, were not only panning the Ring, but running from it in droves.

  3. I was at Cycle 3, and the line to buy tickets was snaking around the corner of the building. I saw very few empty seats. Tickets may have been plentiful for the first cycle, but that started to change once word of mouth got out. The audience went nuts for it at the performances I attended. I know I did too.

  4. I saw Figaro on 9/26. Daniel was devilishly good! And he looks good with dark hair too. Unfortunately he keeps his clothes on from start to finish.

    Also unfortunately, the director chose to add an occasional modern touch in an otherwise traditional setting. It was VERY odd to see an occasional modern costume, and a telephone on the Count's desk. In the final scene, everyone has flashlights. What's up with that?

  5. P.S.
    And did I mention he sings as good as he looks?