Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 10 Barihunks

We decided to check Google Analytics to see who you've looking at on Barihunks over the last 120 days. We discovered a few surprises, like perennial favorites Mariusz Kwiecien and Teddy Tahu Rhodes missing from the list. There were also a couple of young, emerging singers high on the list and they are both named Zach: Zach Altman and Zach Gordin. We were also surprised to see that Nathan Gunn dropped out of his usual perch among the top five. There was one consistent theme, readers like to see a little skin. Here's the Top 10 in order of page views:

1. Gabriel Bermudez

2. Quirijn de Lang

3. Daniel Okulitch

4. Zach Altman

5. Zach Gordin

6. Troy Cook

7. Nmon Ford

8. Nathan Gunn

9. Paulo Szot

10. Randal Turner

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  1. Since there are fewer web pages devoted to the less famous singers, any one page about a less famous singer is likely to be positioned relatively high in the search results if anybody searches for the singer.

  2. Dear heavens. I guess opera companies are all undergoing cost savings initiatives. Still though, they could at least afford some more loinclothes.

  3. Zach Gordin is way hotter than any of the men pictured above him. How can you look at those blue eyes and rippling abs and not agree?

  4. Actually Zach Gordin's eyes are green

  5. Actually Zach Gordin's eyes are green