Monday, December 20, 2010

Bantering Barihunks on Texapolitan Opera Podcast

Two Wild & Crazy Guys: Michael Mayes and Michael Todd Simpson
Two of the funniest and sexiest guys in all of opera have come together for the second podcast of the Texapolitan Opera. The podcast is the creation of Michael Mayes, who has been featured on this site with his hysterical videos. His guest Michael Todd Simpson has also been regularly featured on this site, including a popular post of him in his scivvies at the Eugene Opera.

You can hear the two talk about massage and "lady boys" in Bangkok, the taste of coconut water (funnier than it sounds), riding horses on stage and at the rodeo, Simon Keenlyside asking about speaking "Texan," MILF (look it up!) and, most importantly, going the "Full Okultich" on stage. The last bit included a discussion of caring for your willie on stage, balls, opera goers with binoculars. having a small butt, needing a fluffer and other barroom banter that you won't hear on most other opera podcasts.

Make sure to listen to the Texapolitan Opera podcast, which you can find on their website or on iTunes.

Simpson and Mayes were also wondering how Barihunks manages to get pictures in our possession so quickly for posting. The answer is that most of our pictures come from wives and boyfriends, opera staffers, fellow singers. fans and the singers themselves. Thanks to the iPhone, we often get pictures the night of a performance.

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