Friday, December 10, 2010

Keith Miller Maximizing Social Media

Kieth Miller's website
Popular barihunk is a prime example of a singer using social media to promote his career. Like Mariusz Kwiecien, whose incredible new website we recently featured, Miller has a new site with schedules, photos, features and multimedia.

One can't help but imagine how different opera would be if Caruso, Callas or Bjoerling had access to social media. It also would have exposed opera singers who never became famous worldwide like Flabiano Labo and Magda Olivero to new audiences. Of course, this is what is happening today, as Keith Miller's 552 Facebook friends come from all over the planet, creating an instant global fan base.

The success of Miller and Kwiecien's website certainly makes one wonder why a singer like Teddy Tahu Rhodes has avoided social media, even on YouTube.

Miller not only can be followed on his website but you can follow him on Twitter where you can only get his thoughts on opera, but his feelings about college football, which he played at the University of Colorado.

Miller is also on Facebook where there are additional photos and some interaction with fans.

Of course our only disappointment with both the Kwiecien and Miller sites is that there is no link to Barihunks.

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