Friday, February 11, 2011

Courier-Mail: "Accidental Career of an Opera Singer"

Teddy Tahu Rhodes (Photo courtesy of Courier-Mail)
The Courier-Mail ran this feature on Teddy Tahu Rhodes in advance of his concert on Monday with the Australian Chamber Orchestra in Queensland. Click HERE for ticket information.

Some of you might of noticed that we've been featuring many more barihunks from Australia and New Zealand of late. This is because we've added a new Barihunk scout who hails from Sydney. For those of you who wonder how we "find" all this talent, we have what we lovingly refer to as scouts across the globe who are all connected to opera or journalism in some way. Most of them have never met although a few of us connect on Skype to discuss a newly discovered singer. It is really nothing more that a great network of opera fanatics who love baritones. Three of them are on America's East Coast, three on the West Coast, one in the South, one in England, one in Germany and now one Sydney.

We are so grateful for their assistance and constant nudging.

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