Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who is the hottest Aussie Barihunk?

The death of Dame Joan Sutherland reminded us that Australia has a long tradition of producing amazing operatic talent. Names like Joan Hammond, Frances Alda, Marjorie Lawrence, Nellie Melba and Yvonne Minton jump immediately to mind. Australia also produced one of the greatest baritones ever, John Brownlee, who you can hear here:

Our recent post of Sam Roberts-Smith also reminded us that we've featured some major barihunks from Down Under. Although we find them all hot, we're wondering who you think is the hottest hunk from Down Under. Check out the photos and vote in the box to your right.

Simon Lobelson
Hadleigh Adams

Joshua Bloom
Sam Roberts-Smith

Laurence Meikle
Grant Doyle
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  1. I can't say about the others but I doubt anyone would recognize Joshua Bloom from that old photo....and we know which way time flows don't we?

  2. Anyone remember Jeffrey Black? He did the John Copley "Barber of Seville" (ie: shirtless Figaro!) in San Francisco in 1992. Trivia: baby soprano Patricia Racette was the Berta.

    I also vividly remember a photo of him costumed as Don Giovanni (shirt open to the waist) on the front cover of an Australian Opera brochure around the same time. Sadly, google isn't turning up anything worth linking to.

  3. Aulus, the problem with Joshua Bloom is that his management agency is still using that picture. It's difficult to find a sexy picture of him. Clearly his agency doesn't recognize the obvious marketing advantage that they have with him. I've met him and he's adorable.

  4. Hadleigh Adams is not Australian - he is from new zealand... So would be better judged against Teddy Tahu Rhodes perhaps

  5. Just saw Laurence Meikle in La Boheme at Soho Theatre in London. Oh lordy!!!

  6. Jose Carbo is by far the most accomplished Australian baritone. Charming,handsome, sexy and a voice that resonates long after the curtain falls. ahhhh

  7. When Hadleigh sang in my first workshop at Music School in NZ (Don't try and claim him), I wanted to marry him.