Sunday, September 25, 2011

Can Barihunks Sing?

Dmitri Hvorostovsky: The perfect barihunk package?

The wonderful Dutch opera site Place de l'Opera recently wondered if barihunks were just sexy guys who were getting jobs because of their looks and couldn't really sing. Basia Jaworski rated seven singers that have appeared on the site and ranked them for looks and singing ability.

In her article, Jaworski also points out that many roles in opera actually require a lot of charisma and sexuality to make the role work.  She also points out that the site appeals to more than gay men, which if our email is any indication is more than accurate. About half our mail and photo submissions come from women. What is interesting is how some singers seem to appeal to women and others to men, while others seem to have a more universal appeal.

Also, we pride ourselves in posting singers who not only look good, but who can sing. This is why we tend to highlight singers who are winning vocal competitions and are being hand-selected by composers to premiere their works. After all, we like our barihunks to be the complete package.

Here are her rankings. Feel free to share your thoughts in the COMMENTS section:

Erwin Schrott: Looks 9, Singing 6

Bo Skovhus: Looks 9, Singing 9

Rod Gilfry: Looks 9, Singing 9

Simon Keenlyside: Looks 9, Singing 10

Dmitry Hvorostovsky: Looks 10, Singing 10

Mariusz Kwiecien: Looks 8, Singing 7

Nathan Gunn: Looks 8, Singing 8

You can read Basia Jaworski's complete article on the Place de l'Opera website.

Bo Skovhus sings Robert Schumann's "Stille Tränen"

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  1. Where is Christopher Maltman? He's another 10-10.

  2. She should have added acting. Hvorostovsky and Keenlyside would still come out on top, but Kwiecien would be a 10 for sure!

  3. Rod Gilfry's singing is a 9? Really? I'd give it a 7 on his best days.

  4. Oh yes, Dmitri, deserved victory!!!;)

  5. Dmitry is the best, you are right.

  6. Why does Bo look as though he's sitting on a tack? I know it's dramatic, but really. Beautiful voice though. He also has great cheekbones that read from the back of the house, so when he's itty bitty he looks good and you can't tell he's got his face all scrunched up like that.

    And if Nathan Gunn's looks are an 8, who on Earth is a 10? By those standards, you'd have to look at a 10 through a piece of cardboard with a pin hole punched in the center of it.

  7. It's good to read this information from your post. You have an interesting way of drawing people in. Keep up the good works..

  8. Dmitri: voice 10, looks 10, acting 10, charisma 20!!!!

  9. I wouldn't agree with some of the marks. For example Erwin Schrott is nowhere near 9 when it comes to how he looks. And I would give Mariusz Kwiecien at least 9 and 8.

  10. Simon Keenlyside is the only one in the list whose singing equals his good looks. The guy has everything. The looks, the voice, the stage presence. Endless charisma. And he is a terrific actor.
    Simon is simply the BEST!!!

  11. Basia, you cant be serious. Erwin Schrott gets a 10 for singing from me! And anonymous: you and I dont share the same taste in men. Schrott is a real man, not pumped up dollybird ..

  12. PS on my (admittedly old) experience Skovhus shouldnt even be in consideration in either capacity..

  13. Ah....for me it's THOMAS HAMPSON!!! Voice 10 - brains 10 -looks about 122!! WHY is he not on the list? He should be at the top!! (The guy is brilliant, as well as everything else).

    Keenlyside - yes, voice 9, but looks only about 5.

    Agree about Maltman, interesting as well as handsome.

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