Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pierrot's Tanzlied "Mein sehnen, mein wähnen"

Kalmanovitch, Melrose & Hampson

One of the most beautiful arias ever written for lyric baritone is undoubtedly "Mein sehnen, mein wähnen" or Pierrot's Tanzlied for Erich Korngold's "Die Tote Stadt."
After the young, beautiful dancer Marietta has made a toast with the rest of her troupe, she asks Fritz to sing a song. He sings a yearning dance song that looks into his past.

Here are three singers at various phases of their careers singing the Tanzlied. The young Philip Kalmanovitch who is just beginning his career, Leigh Melrose who has begun singing on major stages in the last few years and the legendary Thomas Hampson.

Philip Kalmanovitch:

Leigh Melrose:

Thomas Hampson:

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