Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ottawa Citizen: "A Barihunk comes home"

Jonathan Estabrooksand pianist Judy Ginsburg. (Photo Jean Levac, Ottawa Citizen)

We love that the term "barihunks" has entered into everyday usage. It's nice to see that people don't just think of opera as a fat lady with horns standing at the front of the stage singing Jo-ho-to-ho. We've seen the term creep into opera reviews and articles about singers, so imagine our elation when we saw the headline "A 'barihunk' comes home."

Jonathan Estabrooks was recently featured in his hometown newspaper the Ottawa Citizen with that blaring headine. Estabrooks is one of the newer singers on the site and one of the growing number of artists who are using social media to enhance their visibility. Unlike two of our favorites, Michael Mayes of the Texapolitan Opera Podcast and Michael Rice of OperaNow!, Estabrooks is a vlogger (video blogger). His videos are lighthearted and feature other artists who he is working with. You can subscribe to his videos HERE. He even has a vlog with his brother and fellow singer Bryan Estabrooks, which you can view HERE.

Estabrooks will be performing his first Silvio in Pagliacci at OperaLyra in Ottawa from September 10-17 with tenor Richard Leech and soprano Yannick-Muriel Noah. 

Click HERE to read the entire feature on Jonathan Estabrooks from the Ottawa Citizen.

For the next week we will be accepting submissions for our first Barihunks charity calendar, which will benefit young artist programs. Send High Res photos and a brief bio to

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