Friday, September 16, 2011

Jonathan Beyer takes on the other John Adams

Johnathan Beyer and the Adams Family

Composer Patricia Leonard's “My Dearest Friend,” a musical work based on the letters between John and Abigail Adams, will have its world premier at 4 p.m. Sunday, September 25th at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater. American barihunk Jonathan Beyer, will portray President Adams and soprano Wendy Bryn Harmer will portray his wife.

Beyer, you may recall, has made a name or himself with another John Adams, who is the modern day composer. The young baritone has been winning singing competition performing "News has a kind of mystery" from "Nixon in China." You can find audio samples on Beyer's website.
John and Abigail Adams exchanged more than 1,100 letters between 1762 and 1801. Their personal accounts touch on some of the most significant events in American history, but they also cover domestic life in Boston and the sacrifice Abigail made to support her husband’s  career. The music scored to the letters evokes feelings of patriotism and the quest for freedom, contrasted with the sorrows of personal family sacrifice.

The concert will also include Leonard Bernstein's “Kaddish” Symphony No. 3, dedicated to President John F. Kennedy.
Tickets are $10 and $15. For more information, call the box office at 617-496-2222.

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  1. Thanks for posting this!

    Jonathan Beyer, a "true barihunk," is going to be amazing, and so will the fabulous Wendy Bryn Harmer!!!!

    oxox "the Composer"