Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hampson, Pisaroni, Colombara lead all-star performance and recording of Simon Boccanegra

Thomas Hampson (left) & Luca Pisaroni (right)
Luca Pisaroni will sing Paolo Albiani and Thomas Hampson will sing the title role in Verdi's Simon Boccanegra in Vienna this weekend.  The concert performances of the opera will be recorded for future release on Decca.  If the twists and turns of this family plot aren't complicated enough on stage for you, Pisaroni is Hampson's son-in-law in real life. We're not sure if Hampson checks for poison when Pisaroni is over for dinner.

Carlo Colombara sings Fiesco's "Suona ogni labbro il mio nome" with Thomas Hampson:

The all-star cast also includes Kristine Opolais, Carlo Colombara and Joseph Calleja. The performances on April 13 and 17 with the Vienna Symphony will be conducted by Massimo Zanetti at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

Tickets are available online.

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