Thursday, April 25, 2013

Santa Fe Opera announces 2014 season with Greer Grimsley, Kostas Smoriginas and Evan Hughes

Evan Hughes, Greer Grimsley & Kostas Smoriginas
The Santa Fe Opera has announced its 2014 Summer Festival Season and despite all the buzz about the riveting Anna Caterina Antonacci appearing as Carmen, there is plenty to get excited about for barihunk lovers. Joining Antonacci in Carmen will be Kostas Smoriginas as Escamillo and Evan Hughes as Zuniga. We named Antonacci, along with Susan Graham and Joyce Di Donato as our favorite divas in our "Top 25 of 2012" feature. She may be the most compelling performer of the last generation and any of her appearances should be a destination for the serious opera aficionado. Throw in two sexy barihunks and this is one of the hottest tickets of 2014.

All of the Santa Fe Opera productions are new and three are being presented for the first time. They are Beethoven’s FidelioThe Impresario by Mozart (presented as part of a double bill with Stravinsky’s Le Rossignol), and the American premiere of Dr. Sun Yat-sen by the Chinese American composer Huang Ruo.

Jonas Kaufmann & Kostas Smoriginas sing the Don José & Escamillo duet:

But the big attraction for us is the appearance of the world's reigning Wotan, Greer Grimsley, as Don Pizarro. Before heading to the great American Southwest, Grimsley will sing Wotan in the Metropolitan Opera Ring Cycle in May and in Seattle in August. He was last in Santa Fe in the 2006 Salome as Jokanaan. Evan Hughes, who was one of our reader submissions just a month ago, will also appear as Don Fernando.

Tickets will be available for purchase on June 28, 2013 by telephone 505-986-5900, toll free 800-280-4654, and in person.  Online sales begin in September.


  1. The last time I saw Ms. Antonacci as Carmen was in December last year in yet another single scene production in Paris. The "inspired" stage director insisted that she wear a Marilyn wig, which was a bit of a mistake. She is a splendid singer and did her very best in another one of these pieces presented in a decor which defied reason. It was another example of the tendency I pointed out in a different post not so long ago.

  2. My only complaint is that the Santa Fe Opera is in Santa Fe! I absolutely lose my mind when I go up there, the town makes me crazy! Too bad it isn't in ABQ, Las Cruces, or even Gallup! See how crazy Santa Fe makes me.... I'm already ranting about it. I love opera so much and hate Santa Fe so much more that I've lived in MN since 1998 and have yet to to to the opera there!

    I could be blasted out of Lincoln County to hear Grimsley - maybe.

    The Pink Flamingo