Saturday, July 27, 2013

Listen to John Brancy's winning performance at Marilyn Horne Song Competition

Marilyn Horne & John Brancy

We recently posted about barihunk John Brancy and pianist Mario Antonio Marra winning the  Marilyn Horne Song Competition. We now have the entire performance available for you to enjoy.

We're also looking forward to his recital at Hahn Hall at Santa Monica’s Broad Stage, and the National Opera Center in New York City next year, which is part of winning the competition. 

Brancy sang Schubert's Nachtstück, Rachmaninov's In the Silence of the Secret Night, and Stephen Foster's Beautiful Dreamer.

Judges for this year's competition were Marilyn Horne, Jeremy Geffen, Barbara Hocher, Gayletha Nichols, and Lorne Richstone. 

Brancy will also be performing Papageno in Mozart's The Magic Flute at the Music Academy of the West on August 2 and 4. Tickets are available online


  1. The basic sound is gorgeous though the quick vibrato was a bit problematical on the Schubert (but I found myself adjusting happily); the Rachmaninov was superb (he should have won an additional prize just for what he did on the final note alone); and the Stephen Foster was a happy surprise. That one floored me - almost gave a standing ovation at the computer! More power to him. I'd love to hear him in person some day. Thanks very much for posting. -Max Vero

    1. I was there and, trust me, his performance was spectacular. He knocked it out of the park!
      The competition was 20 singers/3 songs (six hours long – he was number 15!) Ms. Horne reported that the judges were unanimous (special recognition to tenor Andrew Haji).

      The Schubert was good, the Rachmaninoff tremendous (5:24), and for the required “English song”, Foster. In Beautiful Dreamer (8:20), he tucked himself into the piano & just drew the audience in with beautiful singing. At the pianissimo ending, he had us on the edge of our seats. Talk about communicating!

      Can’t wait to enjoy him as he develops his well-deserved career.

      Toi toi toi for his Papageno tomorrow night at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara.