Monday, July 1, 2013

Video from "Vincent" with David Adam Moore

David Adam Moore as Van Gogh
Back in April 2011, we posted about David Adam Moore performing in Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Bernard Rands' new opera "Vincent" at Indiana University.  The opera, featuring a libretto by the gifted writer J.D. McClatchey, explores all of the aspects of painter Vincent van Gogh's personality that ultimately drove him to madness. We kind of like the idea of a baritone getting to go mad rather than a soprano for a change.

We didn't have video at the time, but now it's available. 

Of course, Van Gogh isn't the only painter who has been featured as the subject of an opera. We recently posted some sexy pictures of Anders Froehlich as Paul Gauguin with the West Edge Opera in California.

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