Saturday, May 29, 2010

Speak Of The Devil: John Relyea

[John Relyea, Devilishly Hot in Faust]

Joshua Kosman, the always insightful critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, recently spoke with John Relyea about his career and penchant for devilish roles. Relyea will be performing in Gounod's Faust from June 5 to July 1 at the San Francisco Opera.

Local opera lovers with longish memories may recall bass-baritone John Relyea - from his days in the Merola Opera Program and as an Adler Fellow - as a young beanpole with a boyish demeanor and a powerful, dark-hued voice.

The voice is still there, and still deepening. But these days, at 38, Relyea has left boyishness behind in favor of an imposing physical presence that - even in amiable conversation - conveys just a hint of menace.

He's ready, in other words, to be the devil.
The article continues HERE.

Joining Relyea in the cast will be two other singers worthy of barihunk status, Brian Mulligan, who plays the army officer Valentin, and Austin Kness, who plays the student Wagner.

[Austin Kness, SF Opera's Wagner]

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  1. Relyea has the prettiest eyes in all of opera.