Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Matthew Treviño's Sexy Sparafucile

There are some roles that we suspect will never make it onto Barihunks, like Falstaff. It's just hard to imagine anyone making that particular role sexy. We have our abundance of Escamillos, Zurgas, Billy Budds and Don Giovannis, so we're always looking for the unusual. We were toying with posting Simon Keenlyside's Rigoletto at Welsh National Opera, but we realized that even with one of our favorite barihunks, it was a stretch.

However, we did find this clip of Matthew Treviño as Sparafucile from the same opera. We were blown away by how searingly sexy he is as the evil assasin in this clip from Act 3. The performance appears to be from a recent production at the San Antonio Opera. We're fairly certain that he's the first Sparafucile to appear on this site.

Treviño now heads to Austin Lyric Opera to perform in Michael Nyman's chamber opera "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat."

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  1. I think my favorite line in all of Rigoletto is when Sparafucile asks Maddalena, "Un ladro son forse? son forse un bandito?"