Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chris Carr is Opera's Latest Spartacus Transformation

Chris Carr (far left) in Oklahoma and a "Before and After" photo
The last time we featured Chris Carr, he was doing a free masterclass with mezzo Joyce Di Donato in Kansas City. The emerging singer has been working hard on perfecting his voice, but it appears he's also working hard on his physique. 

The amazing transformation of Michael Mayes
Carr is the latest opera singer to take up the Spartacus workout routine and it appears to paying off. Barihunk Michael Mayes is perhaps the biggest proponent of the workout and his transformation prompted us to feature him in our "BariChunk to BariHunk" post. Mayes has even created a Facebook site called Operaticus for singers who doing the workout. Mayes has become one of our ten most popular singers on Barihunks since his transformation. Mayes is well-known in opera circles for rounding up singers and marching them to the gym like an over-caffeinated Marine drill sergeant. 

Michael Mayes and tenor Gabriel Nochlin-Gargari after a Spartacus workout

The Spartacus workout is a series of ten exercises that work every part of your body, including your heart, lungs and muscles. The high-intensity circuit is designed to burn away fat, while defining your chest, abs, and arms.

Our favorite fitness guru Scott Herman explains the Spartacus workout:

Since we mentioned Joyce Di Donato earlier in the post, we should let you know that her homecoming concert in Kansas City will be broadcast on PBS beginning on Friday, July 20 and rebroadcast all week. Check your local listings. 

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  1. Great post! I actually took notes on the video, and did the Spartacus workout at the gym yesterday. And boy am I feeling it today....

    Maybe I'll look like Michael Mayes soon.