Monday, July 9, 2012

Don Giovanni - On tour, On stage, On Air, On Internet, On Everywhere

Sam Dundas in Opera Australia's "Don Giovanni"
We could probably create a sister site simply dedicated to barihunks performing in Mozart's
"Don Giovanni." No other opera provides us with as much content and sheer joy. Fortunately, there are Don Giovanni's being performed around the globe and the casts are filled with some of our favorite singers. Moreover, some of them will be available for worldwide viewing. Oh, how did we survive before the internet age?

Sam Dundas debuted the role of Don Giovanni with the Victorian Opera in 2009 and has become a fan  favorite in the role. On Saturday, he kicked off a ten week, twenty-four city tour, apparently adding more sexual conquests to Leporello's catalogue. (We can hear the catalogue aria now: "In Queensland, a hundred and three! In Melbourne, a thousand and forty! In Wollongong, well we're not coming back to Wollongong!"). 

Visit the Opera Australia website for additional tour, cast and ticket information. 

Shigeo Ishino & André Morsch
Oper Stuttgart is presenting Don Giovanni with Shigeo Ishino as the Don and André Morsch as his sidekick Leporello. The performance on July 25th will be available three different ways to those who can't make the actual performance. The opera will be broadcast throughout Germany on SWR television, streamed on the internet at 3sat and broadcast into the public plaza outside of the opera house. 

Erwin Schrott & Christopher Maltman
Barihunks Christopher Maltman and Erwin Schrott have taken their successful Salzburg Festival portrayal of Don Giovanni and Leporello to Berlin's Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Also, check out our previous post about Erwin Schrott and Ildebrando D'Arcangelo sharing the title role in Verona, as well as the free NY Philharmonic performance of the Act 1 finale that available for free on that features three barihunks. There are also productions in Des Moines, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Savonna and Lacoste. 

Watch the trailer of the Claus Guth production with lots of sexy Shrott & Maltman:

A behind the scenes look at the Unter den Linden production featuring Erwin Schrott:


  1. There's also Michael Mayes appearing as the Don at Des Moines Metro Opera.

  2. Its Andre Morsch by the way. Check him out naked in Platee, on in Stuttgart right now

  3. If you're going to pay out Wollongong, at least learn to spell it right! :)