Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gregory Gerbrandt in South American production of Bernstein's West Side Story

Gregory Gerbrandt/Wilson Fitzer, Gregory Gerbrandt and Andrew Maloney

American barihunk Gregory Gerbrandt is making his debut at the Nacional Teatro Sucre in Quito, Ecuador as Riff in the quintessential American Broadway musical, "West Side Story." Riff is the leader of the Jets, who suggests setting up a "rumble" with the rival gang The Sharks. Riff's big number in the show is "Cool," which he sings with his Jets buddies. West Side Story was Leonard Bernstein's modern adaptation of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and the role of Riff would parallel Mercutio in the original version.

When Gerbrandt returns to the U.S. in September, he'll perform Marcello in Puccini's  La bohéme at the Hidden Valley Opera Seminars with fellow barihunks Gabriel Preisser and Isaiah Musik Ayala.

Leonard Bernstein rehearses "Cool" with baritone Kurt Ollmann:


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  1. nice crossover into musicals we like it when great singers make a show, let the dancers dance!!