Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Henk Neven Recital Coming on CD

Henk Neven
We're unabashedly huge Henk Neven fans and his recitals are as magical as those by Simon Keenlyside or Christopher Maltman. His recital from earlier this year was recorded by ONYX and will be released next month. The CD entitled 'Auf einer burg' includes music by Schubert, Faure and Debussy, all with a theme of the sea.

Henk Neven sings Schubert's "Gute Nacht":

If you can't wait for the CD, he has two upcoming recitals of note. 

On September 17, Neven will perform a recital of music by Brahms and Liszt at Wigmore Hall with accompanist Hans Eijsackers. On September 22, he'll give a recital at the Huis te Linschoten sponsored by the Schubert Foundation. Neven will perform accompanied by guitar player Fernando Riscado Cordas. Many of Schubert's songs were originally written for both piano and guitar accompaniments.

Amazingly, despite his meteoric rise as one of the top recitalists in Europe, no one has booked Neven yet in the United States.

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