Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tenor Daniel Koek and Barihunk Teddy Tahu Rhodes show off their guns during "South Pacific" run

Tenor Daniel Koek & Barihunk Teddy Tahu Rhodes
Here's one form of "gun control" that we can't support. Hunkentenor Daniel Koek challenged Barihunk Teddy Tahu Rhodes to an arm wrestling match and we have to admit that he's showing off a nice set of guns. However, we have no doubt that the old Barihunk rule applied: "The tenor may win in love on stage, but the baritone always prevails in real life."

Daniel Koek making a case for the Hunkentenors site
By the way, there are lots of hunky men in this production, including a shirtless Daniel Koek, who created a few sighs in the audience.

Koek, Rhodes and co-star Lisa McCune are continuing their successful tour of South Pacific throughout Australia. There are upcoming performance in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and tickets and performance information are available on the South Pacific website.

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