Thursday, February 21, 2013

Video from Alex Esposito's Rosenblatt Recital

Alex Esposito
Last month we posted about Alex Esposito's recital at Wigmore Hall, which happened on February 5th. We now have some video, which was part of the Rosenblatt Recital series. 

Alex Esposito sings Tosti's "Non t'amo più":

 Alex Esposito - ROSSINI Cade dal ciglio (Mosè in Egitto)

 Alex Esposito - ROSSINI Accusata di furto (La Gazza Ladra)

Esposito can next be seen performing his signature role of Leporello in Mozart's Don Giovanni a the Théâtre du capitole in Toulouse, France. The title role will be shared by barihunks Christopher Maltman and Kostas Smoriginas. Performances run from March 15-28 and tickets are available online.



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