Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ildebrando d'Arcangelo

If you can make Leporello sexier than his master, than you are a verifiable barihunk. Check out the video of "Brando" singing Leporello, where he is without question the sexiest Mozart servant to ever grace the stage.

Oddly, d'Arcangelo hasn't really ventured much into the big barihunk repertory other than Don Giovanni. We need to get him cast in Iphigenie, Billy Budd, Pearl Fishers and Dead Man Walking. His dark, low voice matches his virile good looks perfectly.

Nickname: Brando (and he has the sexiest lips since the original Brando).


  1. Oh couldn't agree more!! I have seen Brando's performances as Leporello and his stage presence is extremely impressive. Even at the Met with not only talented but good-looking Erwin Shrott as Don Giovanni... Brando, as Leporello, captivates and reaches the sould of the audience with a sexier voice and stronger performance than his master. In my opinion, Ildebrando is one of the best baritones of our times.

  2. Sei bellissimo, e bravissimo.