Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jean-François Gardeil

OK, for all of you who like 'em a little bigger and brawnier, meet French bass Jean-François Gardeil. He has made a name for himself singing baroque music, but has venured out to sing the lyric repertoire in recent years. He is probably best known for his performance on the recording of Rameau's "Atys."

Gardeil was born in France and studied voice at the l'Université de Toulouse. He went on to win a number of voice competitions.

His barihunk role is Frederic in Lakme and possibly Gendarme in Les Mamelles de Tirésias, depending on the production.

He is beginning a career as a teacher. Anyone need voice lessons?


  1. Sorry but this isn't Jean-François Gardeil. This is Omar Hasan, a rugbyman from Argentina in whom Gardeil discovered a baryton voice. He sang on many scenes in Argentina. That picture is from "La Belle Hélène" as Ajax.

  2. Say what?

    I'd do him in a minute, whether he calls himself Omar or Jean-Francois.

  3. Just don't scream "Jean-François" while you do then...

  4. OH god!! what a dissapointment. I mean i´d do him to, but i´ve actually heard the argentine dude sing. he is AWFUL, and definetly not in carreer...