Saturday, January 12, 2008

Randal Turner: Who wouldn't be seduced?

Here's a video of the latest barihunk find singing "Deh vieni alla finestra" in a certifiable barihunk role, Don Giovanni. Who wouldn't be seduced?


  1. gorgeous voice, so smooth! Don G is laying it on extra thick during the serenade but you can hear that lush legato all the same.

  2. Wonderful mezza voce singing, very rare today and his voice reminds me of the excellent American lyric baritone Theodore Uppman, who excelled in Mozart and was the original Billy Budd.

    What's especially interesting about Randall's serenade is that he manages to be totally narcissistic and exhibitionistic while also being meltingly seductive.

  3. hey, have you checked Zejlko Lucic..? i know is is not the tipycal hunk, but there is a raw sexuallity about him that makes him kinda hot. Beatiful singing, too....