Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jesus Christ!

Let me clear about one thing regarding this posting: I in no way whatsoever consider Broadway musicals comparable musically to opera. This especially holds true for Andrew Lloyd Webber. However, how could I resist this photo of a German production of Jesus Christ Superstar? Germans seem to have a knack for stripping down their singers and adorning them in black leather. Rather than delve into the national psyche of that nation in the post-World War II era, I think it is best to just enjoy their theatrical imagery.


  1. I'm told that there's a gang of gay leather bikers who frequent the Deutsche Oper Berlin, roaring up to the opera house on their motorcycles and then attending in their best full leather gear. I suspect that German directors (or producers, according to their terminology) are fully keyed into the culture to which they're presenting their operas.

  2. will. you are an idiot. shut up.

  3. I'm glad to see that german directors impose their crap not only to Opera but also to other victims like musicals' lovers. Since it doesn't take any talent nor knowledge to be a director those days, it's not surprising to see them proliferate and try to find job elsewhere.