Thursday, January 10, 2008

Markus Werba

What is it with Austrian barihunks at the Los Angeles Opera? First Groissboeck and now Werba. I think that it's time for a field trip to Vienna.

Markus Werba has born in Kärtnen, Austria and has already made a specialty of Papageno in his young career. He has already sung the role in Vienna, Zurich, Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, Toulouse, Bologna, Palermo, Cagliari, Naples, Genova, Lyon and in 2009 he brings it across the Pond to Los Angeles. His Hans Heiling is available on DVD. Like all great certifiable barihunks, he also sings Don Giovanni.

He looks like he'd be perfect for Billy Budd, but so far it's not on his calendar. What is on the horizon is Mercurio in La Calisto and Giorgino in Paisiello's "Il Matrimonio Inaspettato" and another


  1. Just found your site... love it love it love it!

  2. Hans Heiling! Don't you love how in Germany and Austria they still believe in those old operas by Marschner and Lortzing.

  3. Bardassa -- the Hans Heiling is from Sardinia, which hasn't been part of Germany since 1271.

    - Hans Lick

  4. He's gorgeous! And also a great singer.