Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Barihunk Saves Lucia at ENO

This was on the AP wire today:

Lip-Synching Saves `Lucia' Performance

LONDON (AP) — Lip-synching has come to the opera.

English National Opera singer Clive Bayley was midway through the first act of Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor" when he started losing his voice.

Searching for a stand-in, the show's directors grabbed understudy Paul Whelan from his seat in the audience.

He had no time to change into costume. Instead, he sang from the side of the stage while Bayley mouthed the words during Saturday's performance.

Whelan wasn't scheduled to sing the role of the tutor, Raimondo, until next month and hadn't rehearsed onstage.


Of course, I was curious to see who this replacement singer was and found his website at www.paulwhelan.co.uk. The two photos above come from his website, one his publicity shot and one him performing Jesus in the St. John's Passion. There are pleny of other hot shots of Whelan at his site, including a number of them from Don Giovanni.

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  1. obviously, there should be more on this barihunk... humminah...

    and on a general note, i hadn't heard of such things as barihunks, but the news story on paul whelan, and subsequent google search, brought me to this page and ...wow!! i never knew that such hot men and their equally lust-inducing voices could all be listed in one place... nice work!!

    now, to find out more about the very lovely michael nagy... (yup, had to check them all out! nothing is better when one is sick in bed!)