Sunday, February 3, 2008

Denis Sedov: Watch out Dmitri!

I can't figure out why the San Francisco Opera doesn't have Denis Sedov on their roster after his stunning performances in Carmen and Giolio Cesare. Up the coast in Seattle, he's singing in Puritani.

This is a guy who can be sexy in the low range roles like Colline in Boheme, King Henry the Eighth in Anna Bolena and Leporello in Don Giovanni. It would be nice to see him in the lead role in Don Giovanni. He'll be singing Nourabad in Pearl Fishers at the Washington Opera later this year alongside Hunkentenor Charles Castronovo.

Sedov has what I call a beautiful, rolling bass voice. It is absolutely soothing to listen to and he's not too bad to look at either.


  1. Denis was very sexy in the New York City Opera's production of Rinaldo several seasons ago. The MET didn't find too much more than a one or two line part in Onegin for him that I'm aware of--I hope that changes..

  2. small voice. I don't care for it.

  3. as my personal experience in the an opera chorus with him. He is kind of an ass. And not just the the chorus, but his co-workers. our Susannah wanted to literally kill him at the end of the run for Marriage of Figaro.

    No matter how much talent you may have. It doesn't help if you personality is shitty!