Monday, March 3, 2008

Hot Pole in the NY Times: More Mariusz

[Photo from the NY Times]

Some of my fellow bloggers on the East Coast like to tease NY Times music reviewer Anthony Tommasini for his love of male pulchritude. Those of us on the Left Coast love his Genymedian obsession with hunky singers and encourage him to keep it up. The delightful La Cieca at referenced Barihunks and Tomassini in the same post, which brought us great joy. Here is the quote from Tomassini that was the lead paragraph on his piece of opera's hot Pole, Mariusz Kwiecien:

"Some of the qualities the Polish baritone Mariusz Kwiecien brings to his work are typical products of raw talent, good training and hard work. His voice, for one: burnished and rich, with robust carrying power and a ringing high A many a tenor would covet. His good looks, trim physique and agility are also givens, though at 35 he stays fit through routine exercise. Even his hobby — nature photography in mountainous regions like Peru — keeps him pretty limber."

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  1. The article was reprinted (at least online) in yesterday's Herald Tribune with a very interesting edit.