Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Paul Gay

If you can cross Don King with a Burberry mannequin and still come out looking this good, then you deserve a spot on Barihunks. This, of course, just proves that costume designers are as insane as any German director working today.

This is French bass-barihunk Paul Gay (I couldn't make that up). Although he has sung the barihunk role of Don Giovanni, his calling card has become the big, dark roles like Amfortas, Mefistofeles, Klingsor and Golaud.

He worked for awhile as the principal low voice in Osnabrück, Germany, but now he's singing with Natalie Dessay, so he must be on the verge of an internatinal career.


  1. Is that a wireless mike I see on his cheek?

  2. I think you need to investigate this fabulous young singer. Saw him playing Tarquinius in Rape of Lucretia and blew me away.


    Not bad looking either!!

  3. Jacques sang superbly as Morales in Carmen here in London this week. He was also excellent, and very sexy wearing only underpants, in Midsummer Nights Dream, There is a small photo in this months Opera magazine - somewhere there must be a bigger colour original!