Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peter Brathwaite signs recording deal as part of Amore

Peter Brathwaite as he appears as the April feature in the Barihunks calendar
British barihunk Peter Brathwaite is one of our featured singers for the month of April in our 2012 Barihunks charity calendar, so it seems appropriate to announce his latest success.

Brathwaite is part of a new opera quartet called Amore, which has signed up with Warner Brothers Records. Their debut album entitled "Stand Together" is scheduled for release in the United Kingdom on May 28 and is available for pre-order on Amazon. Tracks include Abide With Me, Nella Fantasia, Ave Maria, the Flower duet, Cantique De Jean Racine, Amazing Grace, Here's To The Heroes, the Bacarolle, Jerusalem, Nimrod (We Will Stand Together) and the Brindisi (which you can sample below).

The group goes on tour this summer, with a concert on June 29 at Russell Watson's Jubilee Proms in Buckinghamshire. In August, they will be in Scarborough and Saffron Walden. Check out their website for additional information. You can also follow the quartet on Twitter at @weareamore  or on Facebook.

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  1. That video is awful. It seems at odds with all of the wonderful opera and wonderful singers that are featured on this blog.

  2. Just what the world doesn't need--another opera light group who look good but can't hit all the notes, and I'm not talking about high ones. The soprano singing Violetta doesn't seem to think there are expressive notes here. She simple glides over them. The tenor is rather ungainly too. Just having a bunch of pretty young things acting like they look the part isn't enough. Does the world need another gimmicky TRAVIATA Brindisi? There are lots of great classic recordings. Just reissue them and spare us these embarrassments.

  3. I totally agree with both of the posts above. Another confection of a group. Misguided students plucked from college who claim to have perforemed leading roles..... Most students do while at college. These will be yet another flash in the pan