Sunday, May 10, 2015

Matt Moeller and Wes Mason sing "A Garden of Teeth"

Matt Moeller & Wes Mason
After the instant popularity of our post featuring Wes Mason singing "Two Nooses" from Clint Borzoni's "When Adonis Calls," we thought we'd share the duet, as well. The performances are from Frontiers, the new opera workshop at the Fort Worth Opera. The selection features Matt Moeller as the Muse and Wes Mason as the Poet, and is conducted by Tyson Deaton with accompaniment by Stephen Carey at the piano.

The libretto was constructed by John de los Santos from the poems of Gavin Geoffrey Dillard. It tells the story of an accomplished author, called the Poet, who is struggling with writer’s block and isolation. He is contacted by an eager young fan, known as the Muse, who is interested in both an artistic and personal correspondence. At first reluctant, the Poet joins the Muse in a sensual game of literary discovery that leads the two into unexpected realms of unbridled eroticism. Through their poems, they unleash one another’s pasts, demons, and secret longings. Their harmonized writings culminate with a final meeting in the flesh that transcends beyond what either of them ever believed was possible when they first put pen to paper.

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