Sunday, May 10, 2015

Matt Treviño's ghostly German debut in Leipzig

Matt Treviño as the Canterville Ghost
American bass-barihunk Matt Treviño is making his German debut at Opera Leipzig as the ghost in Gordon Getty’s opera The Canterville Ghost, based on Oscar Wilde’s story of the same name.

Wilde’s anti-ghost story, which was first published in the newspaper "The Court and Society Review" in 1887, tells the tale of a ghost who fears those he’s supposed to be haunting. Both Bram Stoker, who penned Dracula ten years later, and Wilde tackled changing belief systems in a rational and enlightened era. In The Canterville Ghost,  Wilde satirizes his generation’s meaningless preoccupation with the occult and paranormal phenomena.

The opera opened on May 9 and additional performances are scheduled for May14 and June 14 and 24. The Canterville Ghost is being paired with Leoncavallo's Pagliacci

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