Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christopher Maltman for $10

Linda tells Barihunks that the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society is having a $10 ticket sale for selected concerts including Christopher Maltman's March 23rd recital. The tickets normally sell for $23 and the offer is only good for one day.

Here's the link:

Of course, this is really just an excuse to post another shirtless photo of Christopher Melt Me.

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  1. I'm sorry that I posted so late in the day; I thought the offer was good until midnight until I received an email yesterday at 3 PM that the offer was only good till 5PM. I ordered mine right then and there.

    Any further news on this (and other barihunks that may appear in the Philadelphia area) I promise I will send in as soon as I get them.

  2. And to add, I will also keep you posted on the up-and-coming barihunks at AVA (you've taken notice of Wager, Kuster and Boldic).