Monday, December 1, 2008

Chest Voice

[Photos by Monika Rittershaus]

So this is what people mean by a singer having a "beautiful chest voice." Here are two shots of Christopher Maltman from Salzburg's Don Giovanni displaying his stunning chest voice.

Now how about some of his "lower register."

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  1. I am now a big fan of the chest voice (especially Mr. Maltman's!!!).

  2. Mr. Maltman will be doing a recital for the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society on March 25 2009.

  3. Linda, will he be singing without his shirt on?

  4. Anonymous --

    Hah! That would be a sight to behold, what with the rather staid audience for PCMS recitals (including my PCP and his wife, who would actually get a kick out of it.)

    Actually, the PCMS audiences are educated and know enough not to applaud between song groupings, movements, etc. which is more than can be said for most audiences these days.