Sunday, December 28, 2008

Simon Keenlyside: "Marrying music and theater"

I don't think that I could say it better than Joyce DiDonato, who at the end of this clip says, "That right there is a lesson in marrying music and theater."

One doesn't see anything from Pagliacci on this site too often. Partially because it's hardly a barihunks opera and, frankly, I've never liked the opera. But Simon Keenlyside can make anything exciting. Someone recently emailed me enthralled with Keenlyside's "animal magnetism." This is a guy who can dominate a stage like the great singing actors of our time, Leonie Rysanek, Bryn Terfel, Maria Callas or Raina Kabaiwanska.

He also happens to be the hottest barihunk over 40. Period. Wouldn't he make a hot James Bond? Maybe Jake Heggie can write the opera.

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  1. He is a friggin' animal on stage. No one is hotter! NO ONE! The comparison to Callas is perfect. He dominates the stage just like she did. Simon in an operatic god.

  2. Love it-- the perfect amount of characterization and movement to make a recital situation interesting without going overboard. And how nice to hear this rep sung with taste and musicianship, without all the sobbing and barking.

  3. I agree with Anonymous, it's nice to hear this without all the histrionics. After watching this and the Mozart clip, I would feel pretty comfortable saying he's the best baritone performing today.

  4. he is the right stuff for BOnd. Or does he look worse than D. Craig:-) ?