Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 Barihunks and a Hunkentenor

[Photos by Ed Hille]

Barihunks waited eagerly for the production of Britten's "The Rape of Lucretia" to open at the Opera Company of Philadelphia. We even promoted it over a year ago when we first heard that Nathan Gunn would play the role of Tarquinius, a favorite at this site. Our excitement and anticipation increased when we learned that the role of Collatinus would be played by emerging barihunk Ben Wager. To top things off, the critical role of the Male Chorus was being played by the hunky William Burden, meaning that the Gunn/Burden partnership was returning that created one of the original barihunk/hunkentenor partnerships when they performed Pearl Fishers together topless.

We have to confess that we were a little disappointed when Phillie took much of the sexiness out of their portrayals dressing them like they were headed to Siberia in winter. We prefer our Rape of Lucretia like this:

Nonetheless, we can't complain with two barihunks and a hunkentenor on the same stage. Even the Philadelphia Inquirer took note:

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  1. Actually the Gunn-Burden partnership goes back to the Glimmerglass Iphigenia in the early 2000s. Both topless, both very young, a both .. well as anyone who saw the production can tell you HOT! Now that was a night at the Opera! And Christine Goerke singing the lead to boot!

  2. Actually, I think this is the Glimmerglass staging that also was performed at (the late?) NYCO.

    Seeing it on Sunday and looking forward to it, both for looks and for singing.

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  4. Gotta say that there are THREE barihunks in this opera. For me the hottest of the baritones is the Junius, Eric Dubin!

  5. Everyone in this show was AMAZING (and looked much better in person). Nathan was in an undershirt for the rape scene, and it was effective!
    Bill was beyond awesome, as was Ben (possibly the most vocally powerful among so many amazing voices). Also amazing was Karen Jesse, Female Chorus extraordinaire!

  6. I agree with Anon of June 13. I saw it on the 12th. It was intense!! The entire cast was fabulous. The guys were hot, the women were hot, the voices were hot, the staging was great. I was blown away.